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EPIONE GLOBAL HEALTHCARE (EGH) is a premier medical tourism company providing healthcare options to domestic and international patients. From basic health consultations to complex surgeries, Epione Global Healthcare aims to provide the most effective and economical treatment options fromreputable hospitals in India and other countries. Our primary motto is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality health care services with a transparent approach.

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There are various conditions that people can go overseas for treatment to our partner hospitals for we have categorized them into 3 for simplicity:

Treatments & Procedures

Treatments & procedure conditions include cancer, heart issues, joint conditions,liver & gastrointestinaltract issues, infertility conditions etc.

Alternative Treatment

Alternative Treatments are focused on the relationship between caring and healing, assures overall wellness.They include : homeopathy, physiotherapy, Ayurveda e.t.c

Holistic Treatment

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person( body, mind, spirit & emotions).The practices include,spas, yoga,acupuncture,chiropractic e.t.c

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