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Alternative Treatment

Alternative Treatments are focused on the relationship between caring and healing, assures overall wellness. We offer exceptional, all natural treatments at affordable prices.


This is a method of treating patients suffering from incurable disease or facing a recurrent health problem diseases by drugs, given in minute doses, that would produce in a healthy person symptoms similar to those of the disease. We offer homeopathic treatments that are 100% safe and do not cause any side effects. Prior to starting treatment, our experienced doctors and highly qualified health specialists conduct an in-depth study of the patient’s case history that helps in understanding the most beneficial method or remedy to help him/her.


At EGH, we not only identify the symptoms of the disabilities, but also the root cause of the problems – this helps us in creating better packages for the patients who travel abroad to get affordable, yet effective physiotherapy treatment at leading hospitals and from the best physiotherapists. Also, working with the top doctors and leading hospitals has helped us in understanding the International patients better and creating packages that are tailor-made for them and their health issues.


Practiced for over 5,000 years, Ayurveda is a traditional way of Indian Medical Treatment. It is a natural healing system which includes treatments like Pizhichil, Medicated Stem Bath, Nsyam, Shirodhara and many more. If you are suffering from Migraine, back pain or a skin disease, ayurvedic is the better treatment option.